Your family and your carpet

Carpet CleaningPutting a carpet in a room or two is an excellent idea and this deed can really add to how your home looks. While all of that sounds great you have a couple of things to consider first. They are all connected with each other. Depending on who lives with you and how big your family is you need to decide how and when your rug will be cleaned and where it will be laid out.

Kids love playing on carpets

If you have one or two children it is important to know their habits. Most kids are better off playing on the carpet instead on the bare floor. This is fine but you need to make sure that they don’t damage the carpet permanently even though this can be quite challenging. You also want to make sure the carpet is clean all the time because you won’t be happy if your kids breathe in all the dust and other particles that are absorbed there. You need to treat the carpet carefully and try to vacuum it most of the time instead of using any sort of chemicals. This is because you don’t want dangerous solutions to be close to your children. Some chemicals require hours even days for their harmful side effects to wear off. But keeping a carpet clean is always done best when dirt factors are kept away. So try not to hand anything that might stain the rug to your kids.

The warmth of your rug will make your pets lie there

Having a pet makes the whole story even more challenging. Unlike the children the pet – a dog or a cat mostly, will not care about the level of cleanness of the carpet. But perhaps you will. And trust us- having an animal with fur that constantly falls off can be a nightmare when it comes to maintaining your rug. You will find yourself constantly with the vacuum cleaner in hand and you might want to look for even more advanced machinery such as floor buffers. You will constantly bend over to pick hairs and fur off the carpet and you should regularly wash it because of the smell that will be left behind by the pet. If you don’t act quickly the smell might turn into stench and you might have to say “good bye” to your permanently damaged rug. White rugs are not recommended in this case. What you can do is:

  • Vacuum
  • Brush
  • Sweep
  • Wash

If you live with an older person – more often than not your parents or grandparents, you main concern is their own safety. You don’t want to buy a very fluffy carpet as it might impair their ability to walk freely around the rooms. If you buy a very thick carpet, its edges will be higher and that bears the danger of tripping. If the carpet is too loose then wrinkles will form and people might also trip and fall. A carpet with a slick surface is also not recommended because a person might slip.

A Paradigm Change in Cleaning Company Management

CleaningCurrently the market is flooded with good and not so good cleaning companies, competing for a place in the sun, and a bit of your money. Take for instance, the UK cleaning company market – there are many players, they offer a similar if not identical range of cleaning services and solutions. In its basics, the way these service providers do business is essentially the same.

When competition amongst companies is so tight, and margins between them so narrow, the only way to excel and move forward is to develop and improve on customer service and customer satisfaction. Professional cleaners like Carpet Cleaning London make no exception – they must provide customers with the best possible service at the best possible price. Up to now, there have been no innovative or revolutionary changes in the way cleaning companies are run – as long as profits outweigh costs then all is swell.

Moving out Cleaning and Removal services UK | End of Tenancy

Nevertheless, customers are expecting more from their professional cleaners and a change in management will likely provide the extra bit customers wish to see. Basically, the type of management which is being displayed by many savvy cleaning company owners can be described as value (customer) orientated management. In other words, cleaning companies are looking to design and implement their own management system which creates and provides value for customers. The trick here is to know and be well aware of what customers consider as (service) value. This particular management system relies heavily on frontline employees quite which means human resource and staff management are essential for its success.If this management system was dissected to its basic elements, these would be: service culture – staff must understand that they are engaged in the service industry and their job is to provide customers with valuable service in any case; employee engagement – all staff members must be involved in the structuring and provision of valuable services to customers; service quality – the cleaning company in question must deliver a valuable, quality service to customers, one that is worth their time and money; and last but not least – customer experience.

A good customer experience should include quick and attentive servicing, punctual and reliable cleaning services, and any additional assistance required. Application of a customer orientated management system may seem unnecessary to a cleaning company, but cleaning service providers of all sizes and capacity can gain many important advantages and create and retain a solid (return) customer base so important to their business.

Window Cleaning Innovations New Equipment to the Rescue

Window CleaningProfessional window cleaning is a technical process that involves the application of different cleaning systems. In this case the term cleaning systems describes the range of products, equipment and techniques used and applied in the course of the window cleaning process. Until now, there have been a number of issues facing professional window cleaners and these are access to pure water at any time during the cleaning process and access to pure water at any location – certain properties do not provide access to clean water i.e. recently completed building sites for instance.

Now professional cleaning companies like Cleaners Bow can take full advantage of a newly developed and released piece of equipment that provides a quality, purpose built and complete solution to the water supply problem. The machine in question is trailer mounted. This means it can be towed to any cleaning location where a motor vehicle is able to get to. The machine makes use of a three stage water cleaning cycle in order to purify water needed for the cleaning process. The first filtration is done by a standard, high quality carbon filter – this is known as pre-filtering. Next stage of the purification process is reverse osmosis – the dirty water is filtered through a special membrane. Finally, the third stage of purification takes place in a specially engineered filtration system, which is the brainchild of the manufacturer’s own R&D department.

Now professional cleaners are going to love the tech specs on the trailer mounted filtration machine: lightweight chassis with low centre of gravity for stable and secure towing; the trailer complies with all EU and UK road safety regulations applicable; it has seven hundred and fifty litre water tank capacity; digital monitoring and control of all functions including PSI and water flow; on the same note water flow can be controlled via wireless remote control; storage containers for all necessary cleaning equipment, materials etc. Cleaning companies will appreciate the adjustable flow rates and wash mode controls as this allows for flexible and efficient window cleaning regardless of the specifics of the job.

More efficiency translates to less resource and material waste, which in turn reduces the environmental toll of the cleaning process itself, and also reduces the overall service costs incurred by customers. This advanced piece of professional cleaning equipment is available to specialised cleaning firms in the UK right now.

Essentials to carpet cleaning

Carpet CleaningCarpets are definitely among the best flooring solutions known to mankind. They are beautiful and stylish, and add a unique touch of coziness and class to your home. Unfortunately, carpets are also notorious for being very hard to keep clean and tidy. If you want to get the best out the rugs in your home, you will find the several suggestions for carpet cleaning listed below very useful.

  • The first thing is to vacuum your carpets as often as possible. Vacuuming every day is of course the best option, but two-three times a week will also be satisfactory in case you do not have the time and the energy to do it more regularly. Just vacuum the entire floor twice in the opposite directions and make sure that your cleaner’s bag is empty before you start. Thus you will avoid your vacuum leaving dirt and dust particles behind when it is supposed to clean your carpet, and you will increase the suction power of the machine.
  • Carpet stains are definitely among the hardest spots to clean in your home. An easy to make solution includes a mix of laundry detergent and water. Before scrubbing the stain, let the solution stay for ten to fifteen minutes, so that it enters the fabric deeper. Then scrub in different directions for best effect.
  • Once you are finished with the cleaning solution, some of it may still remain on the fabrics of your carpet, which might not be the result you have been after. Do not worry – excess cleaning solution and soap are easily removed by going over the area with clean water and a brush.
  • Now your carpet is nearly as good-looking and fresh as it has ever been. To add the finishing touch you will have to wait for it to dry. Vacuum the whole carpet again. Any dust and dirt particles that have been loosened from the fabrics will be completely removed, and you will give your carpet a cozy fluffy look, just as if you have installed it several minutes ago on your floor.
  • If you want to prolong the life of your carpets and rugs, experts advise to have them professionally cleaned with steam carpet cleaning equipment at least once a year. Your local cleaning contractor Carpet Cleaning Carshalton most probably has such a machine, so do not hesitate to call them and get professional cleaners treat the carpet.