A Paradigm Change in Cleaning Company Management

CleaningCurrently the market is flooded with good and not so good cleaning companies, competing for a place in the sun, and a bit of your money. Take for instance, the UK cleaning company market – there are many players, they offer a similar if not identical range of cleaning services and solutions. In its basics, the way these service providers do business is essentially the same.

When competition amongst companies is so tight, and margins between them so narrow, the only way to excel and move forward is to develop and improve on customer service and customer satisfaction. Professional cleaners like Carpet Cleaning London make no exception – they must provide customers with the best possible service at the best possible price. Up to now, there have been no innovative or revolutionary changes in the way cleaning companies are run – as long as profits outweigh costs then all is swell.

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Nevertheless, customers are expecting more from their professional cleaners and a change in management will likely provide the extra bit customers wish to see. Basically, the type of management which is being displayed by many savvy cleaning company owners can be described as value (customer) orientated management. In other words, cleaning companies are looking to design and implement their own management system which creates and provides value for customers. The trick here is to know and be well aware of what customers consider as (service) value. This particular management system relies heavily on frontline employees quite which means human resource and staff management are essential for its success.If this management system was dissected to its basic elements, these would be: service culture – staff must understand that they are engaged in the service industry and their job is to provide customers with valuable service in any case; employee engagement – all staff members must be involved in the structuring and provision of valuable services to customers; service quality – the cleaning company in question must deliver a valuable, quality service to customers, one that is worth their time and money; and last but not least – customer experience.

A good customer experience should include quick and attentive servicing, punctual and reliable cleaning services, and any additional assistance required. Application of a customer orientated management system may seem unnecessary to a cleaning company, but cleaning service providers of all sizes and capacity can gain many important advantages and create and retain a solid (return) customer base so important to their business.