Here are some interesting ways to remove ink stains from clothes

Have you ever dealt with ink stains? They can be quite stubborn and hard to remove especially if we are talking about a stain made out of a permanent marker.

I think the best way to remove these types of stains is by using a liquid laundry detergent. It always works. But I recently came across some very interesting cleaning hacks that can help you remove ink stains off of your favorite shirt.

Use a nail polish remover

If you are dealing with a stain made with a permanent market than this trick can work for you but always keep in mind that nail polish removers can damage the fabric. That’s why you need to test it in a small area either on an inner seam or a hidden area. That way you can see if there is a reaction and whether you should apply nail polish remover on the stain. The last thing we want is to create a bigger mess.

Use a hairspray

Usually, hairsprays contain alcohol which removes certain stains and ink stains are a part of the list. The hairspray needs to have high alcohol content. Place the clothing on a clean towel, start spraying the stain, and then blot. Once the stain is removed throw it in the washing machine.

Use milk

This hack is really weird but it works. Basically, fill a bowl with milk and put the clothing in there. It’s important for the stain to soak overnight. Then wash the clothing piece.

Use vinegar and cornstarch

When it comes to cleaning vinegar is always at the top of any list out there so are you even surprised that you can remove stains with it? Now, wet the stain with vinegar then make a paste with two parts vinegar and three parts cornstarch and apply it to the affected area.

Once the paste is completely dry wash the clothing.