Window Cleaning Innovations New Equipment to the Rescue

Window CleaningProfessional window cleaning is a technical process that involves the application of different cleaning systems. In this case the term cleaning systems describes the range of products, equipment and techniques used and applied in the course of the window cleaning process. Until now, there have been a number of issues facing professional window cleaners and these are access to pure water at any time during the cleaning process and access to pure water at any location – certain properties do not provide access to clean water i.e. recently completed building sites for instance.

Now professional cleaning companies like Cleaners Bow can take full advantage of a newly developed and released piece of equipment that provides a quality, purpose built and complete solution to the water supply problem. The machine in question is trailer mounted. This means it can be towed to any cleaning location where a motor vehicle is able to get to. The machine makes use of a three stage water cleaning cycle in order to purify water needed for the cleaning process. The first filtration is done by a standard, high quality carbon filter – this is known as pre-filtering. Next stage of the purification process is reverse osmosis – the dirty water is filtered through a special membrane. Finally, the third stage of purification takes place in a specially engineered filtration system, which is the brainchild of the manufacturer’s own R&D department.

Now professional cleaners are going to love the tech specs on the trailer mounted filtration machine: lightweight chassis with low centre of gravity for stable and secure towing; the trailer complies with all EU and UK road safety regulations applicable; it has seven hundred and fifty litre water tank capacity; digital monitoring and control of all functions including PSI and water flow; on the same note water flow can be controlled via wireless remote control; storage containers for all necessary cleaning equipment, materials etc. Cleaning companies will appreciate the adjustable flow rates and wash mode controls as this allows for flexible and efficient window cleaning regardless of the specifics of the job.

More efficiency translates to less resource and material waste, which in turn reduces the environmental toll of the cleaning process itself, and also reduces the overall service costs incurred by customers. This advanced piece of professional cleaning equipment is available to specialised cleaning firms in the UK right now.